As a product designer, I find the look and feel of the Hasselblad X1D awesome. So I was thrilled that, as also an enthusiast photographer, I had the opportunity to test this camera together with the XCD 3,2 / 90 lens for a weekend. After I got familiar with the camera on Saturday, I invited some kids on Sunday to do a short portrait session. The result of this you can see here below…

Is this a camera for me? Absolutely, but I am not able to justify buying the X1D given his purchase price, yet. However, having had the possibility to photograph with this Hasselblad was a great experience. The camera feels great in the hand and the lens is excellent. The only flaws that I can mention, is that the camera feels relatively slow and the EVF is not that great, especially with the black-out after taking a picture. But the files that come out of the camera make you forget this quickly.

Hasselblad X1D

XCD 3,2 / 90

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